Pure Water Fed Pole System

Pure Water

Using reverse osmosis and de-ionising resin we can produce water that is 99.99% pure. This water will cut away dirt on any surface in an instant. Originally developed in the car industry to clean cars quickly and easily this system has found its way into the window cleaning industry because of its supreme cleaning power.

This method is environmentally conscious because we don’t use chemicals in the system. It is entirely pure and natural and cleans more effectively than any other method. No impurities means that the water absorbs the dirt on the water more effectively.

If you have windows that are out of reach from most people, such as over canopies or are simply too high, then we are the solution for you.

The Pole

Everyone has the right to work safely and securely, and with the water fed pole system this is achieved without the hazards of ladders and heights.

A lightweight instrument that carries pure water to a cleaning brush giving us an extreme reach, this allows us to clean windows from the safety of the ground. This system can reach beyond that of normal ladders and without this system, some windows would need scaffolding or cradles which cost £££’s, we can clean the same windows at a more competitive price.

Soft bristles are used to clean the surface of the window whilst providing protection for the glass surface. Jets of pure water combine to easily remove all debris and dirt. Rinsing the glass and leaving a streak free finish.

These systems will soon be mainstream and we are using industry leading technology to deliver the best clean for our customers.